OPINION: The truth about tampons in advertising

OPINION: The truth about tampons in advertising

Photo taken from Richard Neill leaves a message on Bodyform’s Facebook wall describing that the company had lied to him about a woman’s “time of the month.”

By Jill Kreider

Chameleon Staff Writer


If you’ve been on the internet in the past few past weeks, you’ve probably seen or heard about the sarcastic British commercial from Bodyform, a company that makes pads and tampons.


The commercial is actually a response to man named Richard who posted on their Facebook page, complaining about how Bodyform lied to men about what really goes on during that “wonderful time of month” and that he only found out the truth when he got a girlfriend.


In a surprisingly honest response to his post, an actress portraying the company’s C.E.O. goes on to tell Richard what exactly happens: “[There’s] the cramps, the mood swings, the insatiable hunger, and yes, Richard, the blood coursing from our uteri like a crimson landslide.”


I’m guessing if this commercial had been shot in the US, it wouldn’t have seen airtime. In fact, it probably wouldn’t have even been filmed in the first place.


Yahoo goes on to give examples of times that US companies, such as Kotex, have tried to dispel the myth of a ‘happy period’ but ultimately failed because some “major US networks refused to air [the commercial]” because it contained the word ‘vagina’.


The name of a body part that more than half of Americans possess either through birth or surgery cannot be spoken on national television.


I could comment on the overriding patriarchy and sexism in the media that forbids any mention of what actually happens to women’s bodies (be it periods, heart attacks or any other medical situation that presents women in a non-sexual way).


But I won’t go that far. I’ll keep those thoughts to myself.


Hopefully, other companies will follow Bodyform’s wonderful example and start showing what really happens, so as not to confuse poor men like Richard.


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