Preparing your Closet for Unpredictable Weather

Preparing your Closet for Unpredictable Weather

By Lydia DeCoud

Chameleon Blogger


The weather in the past few days has been up and down; rainstorms are coexisting with 70-degree, “mostly sunny” days. Dressing for the weather is always suggested, but it can be a tad difficult to interpret a weather report that suggests a hight of 75 degrees, a low of 45 degrees, and a 35 percent chance of rain. One wonders if it is still sandal weather or time to bring out the boots. How much will I regret wearing skirt today, if at all?

The awesome thing about living in the windy city is that there are a few essential pieces that are always appropriate. A closet should always have boots, jeans, and cardigans or sweaters. These three types of pieces can be staple pieces to any outfit.


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/ Flikr: Maegan/

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/ Flikr: …love Maegan/

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/  Flikr: Maegan/

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/ Flikr: …love Maegan/

Beside the obvious purpose of keeping your toes and lower legs warm, boots are sexy! Boots flatter the figure not only by elongating the leg, but also by pulling focus to the lower parts of your leg and drawing attention away from the thighs. No one likes when people stare at thighs.

Cardigans and sweaters are especially important during this time of the year. On days that start of gray and gloomy, we walk out of the house in layers. Sometimes, we head out for lunch and see that the sun is beaming down. Luckily for us, we can easily cast aside scarves and cardigans and work with a simple tank top underneath.

The last piece I’d like to emphasize is the timeless concept of jeans. They have been and will always be the most accepted and practical article of clothing any person could have. There are a plethora of styles, cuts, and brands that provide comfort and style for fashion lovers and every day people worldwide. Even during the summer, when shorts or skirts are preferred, jeans are ever-present. A while back, I wrote a piece on colored jeans and their growing presence in the city–this is one style that allows people to explore “The Three C’s of Fashion,” which are convenient, comfortable, and cute.

Such styles, and the accessories they are worn with, allow people to dress for a variety of occasions. The shoes and accessories worn- maybe boots and a cardigan- can help dress you up or down.

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